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Affordable Pet Sitting

Looking After Your Furry Friends While You Are Away


We Are A Loving Cat and Dog Sitting Service

Affordable Pet Sitting was started in 2003 by Shannon Elwell, a resident of Woodstock, Georgia. We provide loving care and attention to domestic house pets, making our service a wonderful alternative to kennels. One of our personal pet sitters will come to your home one or two times per day to make sure your furry friends are safe, happy, and comfortable.

Our Mission

Traveling can be stressful for pet owners, especially when you have to leave your four-legged best friends at home. Knowing that your pets will be taken care of while you are gone eases the stress and gives you peace of mind.

When you enlist our service, one of our personal pet sitters will come to your home one or two times a day, depending on your
pet's needs.

Fresh food and water, medications if required, walks, or a clean litter box are part of the service. You can also count on us to give lots of lovin' and affection to your furry friends for free! 

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

          • Pets are happier and healthier when they are in their own home and in a familiar environment.

          • It is convenient and eliminates the trauma for your pet of being left in an unfamiliar place.

          • Hiring a pet sitter eliminates the hassles of transporting your pet to and from a kennel.

          • Leaving your pet at home reduces the exposure to other animals, sickness, or parasites.

          • You will not be imposing additional responsibilities to your relatives, friends, or neighbors by asking them to look after your pet.

          • Having a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter gives you peace of mind, knowing that a professional is caring for your pet and looking after your home while you are away.

Bonded and Insured

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